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‘Cycles’ Album cover shoot
Connor Wall x Conection Verified

Reflective of the day-by day processes that build up everyday urban lifestyle, ‘Cycles: A collection of familair sounds and feelings’ is an eleven track body of work by young artist Connor Wall.

The concrete, agressive, hammering sonic impressions that evolve through the track list, are a conceptulisation of
the physcial environment that inspires Connor. Time, place and space as main inspiration....

With a strong emphasis on texture, drive and power, the album’s cover physically mirrors the sound’s impression.

Bringing together the inspiration for, and the emphasis of, the album into a gritty combination of geometric arcitectural features and harsh physical texture. 

Shot around Melbourne’s CBD using a box system to supported physiclly textured acrylic panels infront of the cameras lens.

Interventions ranged through saw dust, to paint, glues, foam, sand, silicon and scratches.

The box panel system allowed layering of various combinations of texture, 
to built the same sort of depth that connor expresses - in the new environments we were forming.