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Ascent’s ‘30 Under 30’

Ascent: 30 Under 30 intended to activate the conventional atmosphere of the Kelvin Club by brining a youthful contemporary art scene into a space of strong tradition.

It’s about fresh perspectives on old walls.

Exhibiting innovative artists and celebrating conteporary practises of all kinds in an environement that is a perfect archetype of the past.


Butterfly throughts 2

Scanned imagery from Dali, Gojak, Yonfan, Wardle and Tiger Book’s Butterfly Encyclopedia blend with personal imagery from a long archive of commonplace documentation to form a sublime interaction of sources. A fusion of distant thoughts and memories.

The monochromatic consistency of these prints, along with the combined collage methods, evoke a kind of nostalgia, reminiscent of scattered memories and dreams yet to be had or forgotten. The time and place which operates within the frame is neither here nor there. Unidentifiable, but familiar.

Various origins marry together into gentle tonal scapes; taking recognisable fragments derived from separate thoughts and collating them somewhat illogically, just as we do in our subconscious sleeping state.


Off Cuts

Off Cuts is a collaboration between longtime friends Angus Brown and Louis McGowan, and explores their respective, and at times intertwined, image and object-based practices. Sharing an interest in the fabrication of our built and manufactured world, the show exists as an inquiry into how resourcefulness shapes new outcomes.

Located within the classic Victorian terrace house of Gallery 17, Off Cuts refers to contemporary shifts in domestic spaces and the origins of the materials that form and accompany them. The works attempt to illustrate the tension between nature and the regiment of the standardised object world we inhabit.


‘Sixteen By Nine’ POL Print Release

POL Launch Party
@ Micro-Labs Melbourne
October 2022

An evening of celebration to launch two new Post Office Lane projects into orbit- ‘Look Book’ and ‘Sixteen by Nine’. Welcomed with open arms into the innovative Micro-Labs Melbourne space, POL made its kooky modular interiors their own; interweaving framed screen prints, book mountains, video works and colourful posters throughout. Lots of love to Micro-Labs for hosting us, and Temple Brewing for the refreshments. There’ll be more where this came from!

Sixteen by Nine

By Angus Brown

Editioned by Post Office Lane

Screen-printed recreations of incidental abstract colour 16mm frames. CMYK water-based ink on 300gsm Fabriano academia paper, framed in artist-made Victorian Ash frames with a natural bee’s wax finish.

880mm x 750mm
Edition of 3

A heavily process-driven abstraction of incidental video stills captured across a distant summer landscape. Shot on 200D Kodak colour 16mm film stock, through a clockwork driven 1950s B&H 200EE cine camera, this recording was an attempt to dismantle and reload the long expired Kodachrome II film cartridges that this home movie camera once took.

With the pressure plate of the film cartridge not reloaded as tight as it once had been, the abstraction began in-camera as the flickering frames flew through the shutter. Beautifully documenting the shimmering light hitting the film strip, the camera grasped the energy of these vibrating summer scenes in stretched colour, shape and movement.

These curious compositions of indistinguishable light are left open to individual interpretation. But, amongst the vast range of organic distortions, there are beautiful moments of recognition and discovery through familiar form.

A selection of these bounced stills have now been reprinted in a four-layer CMYK screenprinted bitmap image. With the imagery further broken down into its primary pigments, the remaining essence of the images is tested as the interaction of printed dots stacks another level of movement in colour onto an already distant reflection of the scenes that were seen by the camera’s lens... In some sunny season, some time ago. The group of nine selected 16mm stills sit together in a resolved grid; named and set out at the common aspect ratio of 16:9.