Angus Brown









Wiggly Jewels

Made from solely found and scrap metal pieces, these wearable kenetic sculptures stretch the graceful conventions of jewellery; placing new value on scrap metal offcuts.

Nickel silver, Copper, aluminium


Girder work


Cast Bronze

Kickin Up Dust

Revisiting some of the core sites of Melbourne’s underground inner-city rave culture during their quietest months, Kickin’ Up Dust sought to experience these locations as they have existed throughout the past two years of ongoing social interruption.

Removing them from the late-night context in which they are well-known, the series of images detaches the sites from their evening identity and expresses only subtle reference to the missing subculture and connection they share.

Positioning the audience through the limited ways we were allowed to experience public spaces in lockdown, the photographs are captured on sun drenched daytime ‘exercise’ walks. Surveying the spaces for any remaining traces of the late-night antics that have occurred there, the images aim to document the agency that these sites hold in an honest and observational manner.

Far from a visual commemoration of what once was, this series now celebrates the rebirth of public parties and the return of a vibrant rave scene to Melbourne.

Nov 2021