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Melted acrylic sheet, various plastic measuring devices & Acribond glue.

A measurable extent presents the possibility for creation. The process of collecting data brings a great deal of excitement to someone who knows what to do with it. One of the most thrilling parts of producing work is beginning with only the makings of an idea. The moment the ball has just started to roll, and momentum as builds you enter the open-ended preliminary stages of your fresh new project.

A time when racing thoughts are scribbled, all sketches are on napkins and the key dimensions, that will go on to be the essential foundation of your work are just being measured up and taken down.

With these thoughts in mind, Ruler is a work about the mapping of an unformed idea and the endless trajectories that it may set out on. Artists rarely tend to stick to the straight edge that the ruler offers. The line is much more likely to skew along the way, and it’s often better that is does.

Across Divided Space

A2 inkjet prints, found glass, plywood, chipboard, cardboard, mdf,  canvas, recycled timber.

Across Divided Space

Prompted by the social isolation as a result of Covid, I attempted to capture the ‘aura’ of friends without their physical presence. I constructed low-tech sculptural forms which embodied significant aspects of my subject’s identities, reflecting on their physical autonomy as a unique individual, as well as using these forms in choreographed scenes to visually or symbolically reference how memory reconstructs my perception of them.

Developed during early stages of lockdowns in Melbourne, this constructive style of portraiture sought to build scenes which bridge the distance to an absent figure, as well as more broadly considering how bonds between people, friends or otherwise across society, can be built on the continual act of constructing and reconstructing.

Ella and Oly in the studio

Ella in the park

Oly at home

Renovation Plans 2020

Shifting my attention away from the individual and towards our chosen collective living spaces, it is my intention to discover through the construction of an array of sculptural assemblages, how to best capture a sense of the geometric congruity we live within.

Constantly examining the examples of architecture that surround me, I’m building into my work an acute awareness of the harmony and disjuncture between shadow, line, angle, form, material, texture, colour and shadow; in order to fuse and transpose these elements which we see every day, into accentuated anecdotal assemblages or environments. Built from found, recycled or repurposed materials, documented through curated imagery and later dismantled; these locations now only exist within the flattened two-dimensional space of a photograph as trompe l’oeil illusions.

More minimal sculptural works have been made to compliment the photographic series of images, using selected faux materials from the photographed scenes with clean-cut precision in their reconstruction. This installation method is used as a means of further exposing the false functionality and ‘truthfulness’ of the environments depicted, whilst highlighting the synthetic quality of our everyday. I am examining the idea of ‘truthfulness’ – hinting at the process behind the prints with confounding feedback loops between the constructions in real space and their representation in photographs.

Public Pool Facilities

Middle-class Management

Suburban Fencing Dispute

Installation in the Monash University studios

Spring Gets Sprung

Celebrating the common feeling that bridges the distance between all of us at the moment; Oly, May and Angus sought to draw upon the importance of Springtime in Victoria for their digital collaborative show Spring Has Sprung.

Remotely sharing thoughts, images, drawings, videos and sounds in order to form our collective perspective on the change in season and the shift in in state-wide attitudes that it has brought about. The return of a kind of youthful energy back to our community with the sun inviting us to rediscover what we missed so dearly about the outdoors.

Spring time 2020

Premiered via a digital exhibition ‘take-over’ of Intermission Gallery’s Instagram page, October 2020.

By Angus Brown, Oly King & May Winda

DSLR video, iPhone Video, iPhone sound recordings & laptop screen recordings.
Music: Hamuomi Hosono, Watering a flower 1984