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Domestic Place; A Revised Perspective

Collaborative exhibition with Louis McGowan

Hosted by NWEB

A revised perspective on domestic settings, and their shift through the last few decades. Recontextualising both iconic household tropes from Australia’s past as well as McGowan’s comparatively contemporary pieces against an urban cityscape setting at sunset.

In Yo Face

A collaborative video work shown at IN YO FACE, Monash Intermission Gallery, May 2019.

Super 16mm reversal film, iPhone video recordings & Adobe After Effects animation
Music: Udmo, Luba Luft.

By Oly king, May Winda, Angus Brown

Examining the recognition of the human face through the abstraction of three distinctly separate figurative styles; this video was the centre piece of an exhibition that sought to stretch audiences’ instinctive identification with our physiognomy into a breakdown of colour, shape and movement.

Workers 2019

Louis at his house in St Kilda

Rob at his studio in Fitzroy
‘Workers’ is a series of individual narratives: twenty portraits depicting twenty different professions. Shot in an honest and documentational style, each subject is photographed in their work environment, owning their profession with a firm uniform gaze. The rigidity of the subjects’ expressions creates a confrontation between them and the viewer, as if locked in a stare, acknowledging one another’s presence.

With significance placed on the location of the photograph as well as the individual themselves, these personalised scenes each tell a story about these young adults’ lives, the direction they are headed in, or the path they are taking to get there. The ages of the subjects range from twenty to thirty. They are all certainly within a crucial decade of decision making and opportunity taking that will without doubt affect their lives.

This series is a reflection of this exploratory period between our teenage years and adulthood, and is a celebration of young adults’ diverse interests and the decisions they make as they become ‘workers’.

All captured on 120mm film - Tmax 100 & 400speed

An Unconventional Space

My previous studies in collage and assemblage work have led me to working with my unique studio space as a sort of problem to be solved. As a site-specific challenge to my keen structural sensibility, it was my intention to solve this problem in as many ways as I could using the work and materials that I have gathered over the past fourteen weeks. Approaching the space with my innate formally driven method of producing work, each installation endeavours to obtain a simple satisfaction through accumulation and marriage of materials.

Just a trace of what has been is now all that remains, the proof of previous installs forming its own composition. Like the remnants of what came before it, this new formation shares the structured characteristics of preceding solutions