Angus Brown









Big Blue

Big Blue, 2018

Felt, recycled ply Sheets, timber dowel & torchlight.

Striking colour and shape comes from a lack of its appearance in our day to day lives. Investigating  this notion; Big Blue was formed to consider the shape of a cone and its place in our lives.

This modular interactive work was a means of sparking and observing the public’s inquisitive responses to uncommon shape and form on a regular Friday night out.

Blood Bath                      

A site responsive sculpture, using Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece ‘The Shining’ an an influence to address the amount of bland chain hotels across the top end of Melbourne’s CBD. 

Imposing, Ugly, yet familiar...
The neutral grey filing cabinet becomes the perfect archetype of the banal and distasteful elements  that we accept within the everyday because they function.

The Ominous sound of the water flow rattling the steel basin becomes the tune to your contemplation of the manmade and all its apprehension.

Blood Bath 2018

Aluminium, stainless steel, pvc piping, rubber hose, pump, water, dye & corn-starch.